Buffy OMG

I won things?

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I'm actually still a bit stunned by it all, as well as deeply humbled to be in the company of writers who I respect and envy.  *mad skills fist bump to you all* Seriously, there's clearly been a mistake and I'm awaiting a recount.

So I just wanted to snag these awards banners and the commentary, sort of hang them up on my journal wall to brighten up the joint.  I haven't been writing much this past year, so this feedback on my stories of yore is like a major supercharged rush of wow.

THANK YOU to the voters and the judges and the mods at absence_oflight for spreading the love for angst-ridden fanfiction.  Congratulations to all the winners, I see y'all doing what you do being awesome.

Final point: Being told I wrote something that brought tears?  ALL I EVER WANTED, TBH.

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Buffy Slayer mask

meta: if authorial intent dies in a fire, does anyone even notice?

I have this button called "Authorial Intent" and whenever someone pushes that button to dismiss a reader's interpretation or to question the value of even bothering to offer interpretation, it sends me off into a tailspin of discourse on the value of authorial intent and the reader's participation in the process of creating meaning in fiction. So, you know, disclaimer.

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