Emmie (angearia) wrote,

I have a computer again!

First off, yay!  I have a computer again!  Wheeeeee! 

Which means that I can get back on my writing schedule for TYSK finally.  Speaking of TYSK, I've had the worst summary ever for what happens in the story.  I've just now revised it and wondered if anyone would give me some feedback.  Or does anyone reading maybe want to take a crack at writing a teaser summary for my TYSK Chapter Index?

As it stands, it now reads:

"You can run from the truth, you can bury it deep, or you can face it, embrace it and be whole again." 

Buffy is busy leading her Slayer army when she receives a letter Spike sent before the final battle in Not Fade Away. What happens when Spike returns to her life after a long absence and Buffy must confront the betrayal surrounding her? 

Romance, Angst, Action, Humor - +90,000 Words - Rated R for violence, language and adult situations - Comics-Compliant
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