Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Fic Rec!

Hello flist where the Spuffy is strong!

I come bearing a fic rec.  This tale explores (and undercuts) the concept of soulmates - what is a soul?  what is time?  where do we go once we're gone? - and brings forth one of my favorite hallmarks of Buffy and Spike's connection - bad timing.  How many times have we wondered "if only" for Buffy and Spike?  So many times.

Within you'll find strong characterization, wonderful style, and a heartbreaking conclusion.  Buffy and Spike's journey spans centuries and dimensions all within 3400 words.  Every section of this non-chronological tale is honed to its finest and sharpest edge, leaving you with perfectly measured doses of angst and wonder. 

Do not pass GO before you read A Shadow Flits Before Me by ladyofthelog.  That is all.
Tags: fic, rec

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