Emmie (angearia) wrote,

FIC: Came Back Wrong

Remember that discussion about bodyswap/genderswaps earlier?  Well, thinking on that prompted this drabble.  Also, apparently drabbles are the only lengthy writing I can manage without my laptop. 

Title:  Came Back Wrong
Summary:  Buffy came back wrong in a whole 'nother way.
Ratiing:  PG-13
Warnings:  None... well, suggestive talk, but really not that much.
Word Count:  100

“Don’t you get it? Don’t you see? You came back wrong.

“Duh! Of course I came back wrong. I’m five inches taller, I’m flat-chested, my hair’s short and, oh yeah, I’m a guy!”

“Well, yeah. There’s that,” Spike admitted. “But I was talking about how I can punch you without the chip firing. That only works on demons, love—erm, mate.”

“You think I care I might be a demon? I pee while standing up! Things move down there that shouldn’t be moving and… why are you laughing? No laughing!”

“You’re just lucky I go both ways, Slayer.”

“Wha huh?”
Tags: drabble, fic
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