Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Help Me Obiwahn, You're My Only Hope!

So the Computer Death problem of my laptop seems pretty official, but it appears to be something with the OS which means I can hopefully fix it by reinstalling Windows. But I'm left with the dilemma of losing the data I hadn't backed up in the past few months. Yes, I fail. Yes, I know! But most of the stuff that I'd be sad about is already posted online. I'd lose some fanvids which I could re-download and some music, but that's about it. So here's my question for anyone who wants to chime in:

Poll #1506736 Computer Death Question

I have to make a choice. Either:

Re-install Windows and lose everything that I haven't saved in the past few months (this would include the WIPs that I didn't post and future scenes written for TYSK ... :( ) - the majority I have on back-up except the newest stuff.
Try to take it into a professional to do data recovery (which would be expensive, I assume) and then re-install Windows.
Twiddle my thumbs and never make a decision and just use my roomie's laptop til the end of time (end of time = it breaks too).
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