Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Till Next Tuesday, TYSK

Okay, I really didn't want to break my schedule (I was so on a roll!), but I've been working double-time in this week and half up to Christmas.  Add on a bunch of RL responsibilities and events on super overload and guys, I'm exhausted.

So for anyone expecting Chapter 35 of TYSK tomorrow, I'm sorry.  Not till next Tuesday.  I just can't feel confident in what I'm producing when I'm this tired.  I can manage short bursts of a couple hundred words (Dear Manservant!), but the plot and character development for TYSK takes a bit more from me and well, I find that the more?  It's faded away under aching feet and a stress headache.

Reassurance:  Know that I have detailed and epic plans for the next few chapters - fun times and more action ahead.  Emphasis on fun. :D

Again, for anyone who was looking forward to this tomorrow, I'm sorry.  I'm kicking myself (and a part of me is still whispering that I can do it if I really try and maybe drink LOTS of caffeine!) for just not having myself together this week because I appreciate you guys so much for following my WIP.  It's not an exaggeration to say that y'all help feed my muse and keep me motivated, so thank you. 

Gah.  *collapses*  So tired.  My body is that aching, sore-all-over where I walk like I'm eighty years old and not twenty-five.  *whimpers*  And Christmas is STRESSING me out!  Anyone else feeling the grind?  *falls over again for dramatic effect*

ETA:  And also.  Posting fic on LJ with the recent glitching that eats paragraphs?  Isn't that one of the levels of hell?
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