Emmie (angearia) wrote,

What I'm Thankful For

I meant to do this for Thanksgiving, but I forgot to post due to unconsciousness caused by Tryptophan. Forgive the belatedness of things (aka people aka virtual manifestations of personalities that may in fact be robots) I'm thankful for in fandom.

Warning: This is like gushy sweet. Seriously, you might die from all the fluffy cuteness and when you reach your afterworld, be it above or below, you'll ask yourself why you didn't turn back when the crazy lady with the overly sincere well-wishing warned you of the dangers within.

Reasons to be thankful for fandom. ("and the reason is you...") See, I warned you it was gonna get saccharine sweet, but did you listen? Nooooooooo.

moscow_watcher and her seasonal recs list of fantabulousness (actually, all her efforts in reccing fic are invaluable!). For being such a voracious reader and a forever commentator. I'm pretty sure she's commented on everything I've ever written, even my drabble about an OC character that no one else commented on. Generosity and insight and dedication all in one incredible package.

beer_good_foamy and his humor and snark and punning skillz - to write crack and crossovers where no one has dared go before. Criticizing Season 8 might be a sore spot with me sometimes, but I can't even raise up my ire over his beats because dammit it's so funny. Oh, and BEST. USERNAME. EVER.

deird1 and her love of every character in the Buffyverse and giving them life in fic - she loves all of Whedon's fictional kids and she shares it with us in the most entertaining ways. For her classy writing style, for never failing to try any and everything from creepy disturbing scary to laugh-loud-so-hard-you-die-from-it hilarity.

gabrielleabelle and her journal (and her, in general) - I've actually bought a space on her journal to pitch up a tent so I never miss all the amazing discussions and insight she hosts there. Oh, and her fic is hilarious and thought-provoking on any given day - sometimes both! Oh, oh, and lest we forget her spanking icon - may it live long and prosper! (Special Note: claim to fame as poll!girl - I want to believe I coined that nickname for her but I'm too lazy to go look for it - whatever - her superpower in polling is awesome)

penny_lane_42 and her prose and her fic - her insight and character love breathe in her stories - she does angst like no other and you get carried away by her love of language. For sharing so many of the same loves and for basically being me so often that it's scary awesome (SMGlover, Buffy lover, Spuffy, Spike, the Immortal can be cool!, everything needs more Andrew, Veronika Decides to Die makes me *die*, old movies, poetry love - seriously let's start a poetry thing, ok?).

stormwreath for his Britishness. (what? That's a good reason to be thankful!) Okay, fine, besides his thoughtful insight into the 'verse, his oh-so-thorough meta that delves so deep, and his general good humored-ness (aka his Britishness), he's also my comics partner in crime. *sings "I'll stand by you, I'll staaaaaaand by you" as pages of Season 8 flap in the wind*

eowyn_315 for her brain (dude, she can probably kill you with her thoughts!) and the fact that in my incoherent interpretive babblings, she can translate and articulate what I'm thinking and believing better than I can. And also - she's awesome and has the best taste in television shows EVER *whispers* You're my TV soul mate... And she'll kick your ass in an icon battle so don't even go there. You better recognize! *shakes fist*

ladyofthelog for her quirkyness and non-chronological whirly gig of fun fic, but more (most! mostest!) seriously for the way she cares so much about treating people as individuals, not as cliches or tropes. Sensitive soul, aye.

slaymesoftly for being the gatekeeper to all that is right and good in the fic world. She keeps us safe from the truly awful horrors, she slays bad!fic in order to keep our world safe from grammar demons and characterization evil spirits. She's like a superhero or something who regales us with her battle tales.

amyxaphania for her beautiful art that lights up my flist - I see your art as fic banners all over and I tell you true, the fandom is a prettier place with you in it. And if that weren't enough, you write fabulous stories too! Double threat! Any other hidden talents, girlie? Don't tell me! *iz not worthy*

petzipellepingo for her daily dedication to keeping me entertained. (what? she does that for everyone?! ...figures. Well, I'll pretend it's only ever for me! :P)

rahirah for creating an ocean of fic in which to worship Spike sans soul because dammit those were good times, weren't they? And don't forget the 'verse of Baby!fic. *happy sigh*

enigmaticblues for keeping seasonal spuffy alive and well. And for sharing the joys and horror stories of newly married life.

rebcake for her never failing to get an obscure reference (seriously, she notices everything), for her period piece fiction (Spike and Dru in Disneyland = WIN!) of which there is never enough, for her rare!character love that reminds me that characters besides Buffy and Spike exist and are, in fact, awesome.

molly_may for her crazy fun polls as she does her rewatches. I hope that once she's finished, she just starts up all over again!

easy_to_corrupt for her love bars that are made of win, for her GIFs, for her interesting oddball ships she makes art for, for her generosity in making fanart and taking requests and making fandom all purty (especially my profile which is home to many of her creations).

a2zmom for never failing to be supportive - thanks for listening to my rantiness. And thanks for every drabble you write.

mere_ubu for her Spike dollies! And her haiku's of splendiferousness! More please. Moremoremore!

obiwahn for her incredibly beautiful icons, Faith/Wesley, and her Dollhouse love - keep the art coming!

sueworld2003 and her graphic art and neverending links. She organizes the army of Spike supporters like no other - and through her efforts, we have conquered many an online poll about sexiest/best/most awesome vampire!

riccadonna for her birthday art (I'm staggered by your talent), her stick figure depictions of hilarity, and her deep appreciation of fic.

menomegirl for running the su_herald and her unfailing support and sweetness to everyone.

brunettepet for some of the most amazingly thoughtful feedback a writer could ever hope for. I see your comments on other people's fic and you just give so much back. You're a part of why LJ is the home to so many fanfic writers.

snickfic for her mpreg that defies the tropes of its genre and rises above to be a wonderful exploration of tolerance and family. Why isn't there more long and plotty fic out there like yours? Oh, I guess it's 'cause you haven't got around to writing it yet. Also - for your cataloging skills. They are unmatched! Brava!

dontgetanyolder for her art and fanmixes and sweet cheerfulness. You're making the holiday season a happy place in fandom, hon!

jen_nsync_landl for her mastery of the drabble and her generous feedback and being so dang friendly you can't help but be charmed.

urania_calliope for her werewolf love, shared recipes, her fun stories (both fictional and personal) and for her name which I sometimes end up saying outloud when I see it pop up on my flist. Oh, and for Canada! I knew there was a reason to like Canada, but I just was never sure until now (you and Nathan Fillion are really doing much good for your nation's diplomacy).

fangfaceandrea for all the bitching about bad!fic. I heart you and your disgruntledness as if it were my very own! For saying what I'm thinking about all the badness of fic in this fandom world.

shadowkat67 for her meta. I've spent many, many hours pondering her thoughts and assimilating much of it into my own view of the 'verse.

larabeckinsale for being all enthused and inspiring and just a joy to be around, plus writing such utterly memorable Spuffy smut.

2maggie2 for her Spike love and her unique and insightful readings on the Buffyverse. Her meta on Lie to Me and on Spike's soul quest remain in the back of my mind, begging for a reread.

green_maia for her quiet and peaceful spirit. For her thoughts and her words. Even thinking about her now, it feels like this quiet place inside is awakened, a pool of serenity (that's fighting off my sarcastically spastic wackiness!).

pfeifferpack for her daily shared insights (quotes!), her lovely fic, and her shared love of writing and writer's appreciation.

Oh wow, I could keep going. Maybe I should have just started at the beginning of my flist and gone through it alphabetically (instead of hop-skip-jumping around like I just did). Thanks to everyone for the good times! You make fandom a never ending source of entertainment.

Oh, god, have I forgotten someone? I have, haven't I? Work, brain, work! I hope not!
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  • I won things?

    I'm actually still a bit stunned by it all, as well as deeply humbled to be in the company of writers who I respect and envy. *mad…

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