Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Writing Today

Writing dialogue is like singing the words to my favorite song. Or making up my own song, just letting the words flow. It comes naturally.

Writing descriptive action is like trying to remember the words to a song only you can't hear the music or the singer. Every word feels like pulling teeth, only you can't even find the right tooth to pull.

I have an outline. I have a vision in my head. Problem is this chapter is action heavy, dialogue light.

Stupid words. This is all your fault! Okay, I'm sorry, Words. I didn't mean it. Let's make up and be friends again, okay?


Okay. I'm using a rewards system to motivate me to write. I get to watch Veronika Decides to Die once I finish writing this chapter. *dangles virtual carrot above my laptop*
Tags: writing
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