Emmie (angearia) wrote,

New Fic Awards Site: Word On The Winds

A multi-fandom awards site for 'out-of-the-norm'/paranormal/supernatural fanfiction is starting up - Word On The Winds.  It seems like a pretty ambitious site.  The Whedonverse fandom nominees pages are kinda sparse at the moment, so calling all fic-readers - you're nominating skills are needed!
The nominations page seems very user-friendly, so go forth and share the fic love. ♥

I'm also happy to share that this new site was brought to my attention because I received some nominations earlier today. And my, they sure do work fast!

My drabble written only two days ago, "Her Affections", starring Darla and Angelus was nominated (not sure for what yet).

My seasonal_spuffy story, "To Be Born Again", was also mysteriously nominated.

And finally, my dream!fic story written for SlayAlive Scribes - "No Happy Ending" - was also nominated.  Still awaiting details, but the mystery of it is quite fun. 

Tags: awards, fandom, fic

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