Emmie (angearia) wrote,

BtVS Poem: Graduation Day

Title: Graduation Day
Pairing: Buffy/Angel
Rating: G
Summary:  How do you deal with the pain of watching your lover leave?
Warning: Angst.
Feedback: Y-E-S.
Distribution: My LJ, SA, BF and BB forums.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to Joss and Co.

Gasp. Exhale. Shudder.

Dry air grates aching lungs,
Watch him walk away, frozen,
Blink back tears, let one slip,
Lone river of sorrow running down your cheek,

Forget how to breath,
Forget how to move,
Forget how to look away,

Gasp. Exhale. Shudder.

Pain burns your chest,
Heart breaks, fractures,
Mouth dry, vision blurred,
Knees go weak, world spinning,
Lie down, break down, let yourself rest,

Gasp. Exhale. Shudder.

Stiffen that spine,
No time to be weak,
Clear that mind,

Shattered heart cries out still,
Silence it, shut it up tight,
Stop its wailing, stop its whining,
Stop listening to its cries,
Deny the pain til it dies,

Breathe. Exhale.

In control now, good,
Pain won't stop you, won't let it,
Time to move on, you're strong,
Time to move on, don't look back,
Don't look back to find you've left your heart behind.

Tags: buffy, fic, poem

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