Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Funniest Thing I've Heard Today

From this month's Scott Allie Q&A I run over at SlayAlive:

14. Hellbound Hyperion: So now that we've seen Buffy... um, floating, flying, etc., are we allowed to know the titles of #31 and Brad's arc now? Or is it still too spoilery for us?

Scott Allie: We JUST figured out the title with Joss today for #31. That will be Turbulence. You heard it here first, because I heard it here first about two hours ago. And the title for the next issue is Buffy Has F&#$ing Super Powers. Although I might have the spelling wrong on that middle word.

I need an icon of her flying and kicking in the air and it saying "Buffy Has F&#$ing Super Powers!" on it - LMAO!

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