Emmie (angearia) wrote,

My Fic by the Numbers

Idea gakked from amyxaphania

Out of approximately 105,100 words total, I've written:

- One long epic (over 70,000 words), a short multi-chapter fic (6,000 words), ten one-shots (1000-5,000 words), 13 ficlets (under 1000 words), 18 drabbles, 4 poems, (a poetic drabble counted twice).

- 100,172, words total have Buffy as a major focus, featuring romantic relationships (Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel), friendships and family (Buffy & Xander, Buffy & Willow, Buffy & Dawn) and character studies with just Buffy.

- 94,442 words total contain Spike/Buffy as a major focus. *"Thought You Should Know" explores more relationships than just Spike/Buffy (Buffy & Faith, Scooby dynamic, Buffy & Dawn, Buffy/Angel), but Spike/Buffy is still a primary focus alongside Season 8.*

- 80, 419 words total are set post-Not Fade Away.

- 77,229 words total contain Season 8 as a major focus.

- 4,259 words total were written in 2008.  100, 841 words written in 2009 so far.

- Only 4,430 words total of fic are rated NC-17. 

- 185 words total are not set in the Buffyverse.  1,185 words total showcase a character/concept not from the Buffyverse.

- Spike is the 2nd most common POV character after Buffy.  He and Anya are the only other characters besides Buffy to have a character study fic.  

- The only characters to be written without connection to Buffy in the piece are:  Anya, Dawn, Clem, Lorne, Darla, Fred, Harmony, Riley, Sam, Sahjahn, Holden Webster, Cordelia, Doyle, Lindsey, Angelus (written for a villain's POV prompt).  Most of these are represented in drabbles written upon request.  Only Anya and Clem have been featured in their own one-shot (no connection to Buffy's character).

- Characters who feature prominently in "Thought You Should Know" that aren't well-represented in my other pieces:  Connor, Faith, the Immortal, the Decoy, Giles, Angel, Simone.  Characters who appear in "Thought You Should Know" that aren't represented anywhere else: Kennedy, Gunn, Kate, Nina.

- Original Characters: Christy from "Thought You Should Know" and Amara from "Sad Song in His Heart."

- Character I'm most surprised to see I have not written yet:  Illyria.  Though I have written for her in a WIP (Said to Spike: "The tiny blonde one wishes to mate with you.") and look forward to writing for her since I greatly enjoy her character and her mixture of lyrical and archaic prose. 

- Other major characters I haven't written but would like to in the future include:  Wes, Lilah. 

- Major characters I haven't written much for due to lack of interest:  Tara basically qualifies as she's said all of one word in a fic ("Aw.") and has only been talked about by other characters.  Cordelia and Riley also qualify as I've only written drabbles for them upon request.

It's interesting to see how my interests are strongly represented here.  I'm a huge fan of Buffy's character, the Buffy/Spike relationship and Season 8.  Not surprising to see that all three of these are represented in "Thought You Should Know."  I also didn't enter fandom until the comics came out, so the fact that most of my writing is set post-Not Fade Away reflects this.  Most other characters are featured prominently in my writing in relation to Buffy's character.  Only Anya and Clem have stood out from under her shadow.  Even Spike's character has been written in relation to hers.

Tags: fic analysis, writing

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