Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Halloween Goodies

Or maybe it's like my birthday?  Or is it just a day where the goodies flow freely?  I know Halloween is all about collecting sugary goodness, but somehow I managed to snag some presents (art and good news!) for the holiday.

First off, ladyofthelog made this wallpaper for Thought You Should Know.

Click to View

It's all pretty and comic-y and I love it!

I also received news from another friend last night who has gotten me one of the prints from Jo Chen's audition art for Season 8, signed by the lady herself and addressed to me ("To Emmie").  Excuse me while I temporarily vibrate out of this dimension with excitement over the awesome.  Thankies thankies thankies!

And finally, in case anyone missed it, there was some wonderful Halloween fic posted that you gotta read.  gabrielleabelle wrote a Season 5 fun romp from Spike's POV "Costumes."  You better read it or Spike will come after you... it's a predator thing.  penny_lane_42 wrote a wonderful drabble starring Angel, Spike and Dawn - "It Runs in the Family."  And finally ladyofthelog wrote a delightful Dawn and Faith drabble "One of the Many Halloweens That Never Happened."  If you wished your Halloween had more of a Buffyverse flavor, these fics can't help but get a grin. 

*ducks head*  Still working on my Halloween offering.  Won't it still be quaint and entertaining to read a Halloween fic two days after Halloween is over?  No...?

Tags: art, fic, rec, thought you should know

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