Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone's having a great day!  And that you get the shit scared out of you - if you're into that. :D

Anyone make progress on writing a Halloween fanfic?  I've got the start of one going, but it's still missing the main oomph.  I think the swine flu ate my muse.  I'm feeling better today so I'll try to whip something into shape, but I also have family visiting so I might not get much time in front of the computer.  It's kinda verging on unlikely though unless y'all want to read a scene of the Scoobies having fun with each other during early Season 5 in a graveyard then Spike showing up and giving Buffy grief. ;-)

If anybody's interested in reading that, I could post in parts, but I know how everyone hates WIPs especially when they're this short. 

Happy Halloween!  Go!  Eat Candy and Scare Children.
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