Emmie (angearia) wrote,

FIC: Crush AU (Script format)

amyxaphania asked in this poll if Spike would have actually gone through with his threat and killed Drusilla to prove his love to Buffy. Initially, I thought that he wouldn't, but then I thought of this. I've copied the Shooting Script for the scene in the cave and altered it where I thought the moment could turn on its head.


CLOSE ON BUFFY'S FACE, stirring awake.

WIDEN as she discovers she's suspended from the ceiling, her hands shackled above her head. The room is more illuminated than before as more torches along the wall are lit.

There she is...

Still dazed, Buffy looks toward the voice and finds Spike standing before her.

Beginning to think you'd sleep
the night away.

Dru... Drusilla...

Spike grins, then steps aside revealing DRUSILLA, propped up against a pillar, tied up with thick rope.

Not nice to change the game in mid-play,
Spike... You've taken my chair and the
music hasn't stopped.

Sorry, Pet. My house, my rules.

I think I shall be very cross with
you when I'm free again.

ON BUFFY, wary and confused.

What is going on?

Simple... I'm going to prove

He steps toward her, and IN A TIGHT TWO-SHOT, brings his face in close to hers.

I love you.

Buffy pinches her eyes shut, in agony, and turns away, mortified.

Oh my God...

He grabs her chin and forces her to face him

Look at me! I... LOVE... you.
You're all I bloody think about...
Dream about... You're in my gut,
my throat... I'm drowning in you,
Summers. Drowning in--

THE LAUGHTER stops him from continuing. He turns to look at DRU, her head thrown back, LAUGHING her ass off.

Can do without the laugh track, Dru.

(through her laughter)
But it's so funny... I knew...
before you did... I knew you loved
the Slayer. The pixies in my head
whispered it to me... I thought they
would fly away...

(to Buffy)
You can't tell me there isn't anything
there between you and me. I know
you feel something.

It's called "revulsion." And
whatever you think you're feeling...
it's not love. You can't love
without a soul.

Oh, we can, you know. We can
love quite well...
(looking at Spike bemused)
If not wisely.

(to Buffy)
You still don't believe. Still don't
think I mean it. You want proof?
How's this?

HE moves to the shrine in the corner and picks up one of his souvenir STAKES, then crosses back to Drusilla.

I'm going to kill Drusilla for you.

This sets Dru off on a whole new LAUGHING jag. Spike brings the stake down and presses it to Dru's chest, above her heart. Buffy looks at Spike, incredulously.

That's not going to prove anything.
Except that you're a miserable, sick
vampire I should've dusted a long
time ago. And, hey, already there.

Don't mock this.

Go mock yourself.

This is Drusilla, girl. Do you have
the slightest idea how much she
means to me?

He looks at Dru. They lock eyes.

This is the face of my salvation.
Before Dru, I was nothing. A speck.
But when she bit me, she delivered me
from mediocrity. For over a century -
we cut a swath through the continents,
shared a bed, drank from the same vein...

Now both Spike and Dru are getting a little lost in this reverie. He moves closer - starts to touch her, caress her...

A hundred years, and she never
stopped surprising me... Never
stopped taking me to new depths.
I was a lucky bloke, to touch such
a black beauty. Lucky just to stand
in her light...

Tsk. Aww. Oww--

Spike presses the stake harder into Dru's chest.

(to Buffy)
So you see, it means something.

Not to me. Kill her. Why do I care?

Here's why: If you don't admit that
there's something there... Some tiny
feeling for me... Then I'll untie Dru
and let her kill you , instead.

Yes. Please. I like that game much

As Buffy weighs her options, Spike's expression softens. He takes a gentle step toward her.

Just... Give me something... a
crumb, the barest smidge... tell
me someday, maybe, there's a chance...

Buffy studies him for a moment, recognizing the pain this is obviously causing him. Then, with her head, she beckons Spike over. He rises and crosses to her. She beckons to him again to come even closer. He does. Then she whispers to him, intimately.

Spike... (voice hardens) You don't love me.
This is all part of your tweaked out Slayer fixation.
It's just a game to you. It's not love - you wanna know how I know?
Because this - this set-up, you'll never go through with it.
You're not going to kill Drusilla. You'd never do it.

Oh, I'd do it.

You're just trying to play me. You want to win the game.
Except it's not a game. Love is something
you could never understand. You don't love me.
Your 'love' isn't real. What you feel isn't real.

You think this is a game? Not real, is it?

He raises the stake up, pressing it down against Drusilla's chest.

Love is sacrifice. Love is devoting yourself to... to her.
And if you have to burn everything else you hold dear...

He thrusts the stake into Drusilla's chest. She gasps, a look of betrayal and deep sorrow crossing her face as she turns to ashes. Spike stares, his gaze unseeing, at Drusilla's ashes as they scatter on the ground.

Then let it burn. Let it burn for love.

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