Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Scott Allie Q&A for #21 *In-Progress*

Hey Live Journalers!  I'm running another Allie Q&A over at Slayalive starting now.  Feel free to join in or even send me questions if you'd like me to submit them for you.  Come on people, you know you have a great question hiding away in your smartypants...pants. :)


Happy New Year Slayalivers and Buffy fandom! Dark Horse Editor, Scott Allie, is back for another Q&A to celebrate the release of Buffy Season 8 #21 Harmonic Divergence and the MDHP (MySpace Dark Horse Presents) Harmony Bites.

The rules of the game remain the same (...as the rain falls on the plains in Spain): one question per post and do not submit another question til the pending one has been answered. Remember, Scott will not be giving away spoilers so keep that in mind when you're posting - i.e. avoid asking spoiler-filled questions. Every 5 or so questions I'll be sending along in a group for Scott who will drop in to answer them. The Q&A will last as long as it's fruitful, so let's make it a great one. Don't be shy to join in and if you're not a member yet, this is a great time to join and submit a question. Everyone is welcome.

If you want to participate but you're not interested in registering at this time, you can e-mail me your questions at emmie@slayalive.com and I'll submit them for you with credit. Again, we'd really love people to actively join in, but I'm just hoping to encourage any fan out there with a great question to feel free to share it.

And I'll get the ball rollin'!

1. Emmie: Do we have any more MDHP Buffy projects to look forward to in the future?
Tags: q&a, scott allie, slayalive

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