Emmie (angearia) wrote,

How We Know Each Other

You know, something bothered me a bit about the "Ask Me Anything" Meme going around.  It's the statement that we feel like we know each other, but that is a false reality.

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other.

See, I don't believe that.  I do know some of you quite well.  I know the flavor of your wit.  Your ability to argue a line of logic.  Your perspective on romance, friendship, all manner of relationships.  What fantastic stories attract and enliven your imagination.  I know if you're a kind person with a generous sense of humor.  I know quite a bit about some of the people on my flist.

Some pieces have come together to let me know a bit about people's hopes and dreams.  And that in the end, you share the love of thought and appreciation of art (fictional works mostly, but writing also) that is also dear to me. 

Now, I don't know your SSN (some of you don't have one!  Being from around the globe) and I'm sure everyone here is grateful for that. :D  But I do know a bit about the people on my flist who've felt like sharing.  From your academic interests to some wonderful personal anecdotes.  I know some of you very well and in ways more deeply than people I've been casual friends with in real life.  Why?  Because you share a part of your dreams, your imagination and inspiration.  This is something people just don't do in real life.  They are afraid to expose themselves, to share what they're passionate about. 

Everyone on my flist knows me in a more intimate way than many people do in real life (besides best friends and family).  I think we reveal ourselves through art and expression, so if you've been paying attention - then yes, you do know me.  You know a part of me that many people will never glimpse in real life, not because it's unimportant, but because it's intimate and private and only to be shared with those who share this passion.

This is my journal.  This is me.  This is where I write about the things that fascinate and entertain me.  This is where I discuss what has me excited or happy or stressed.  This is where I rant about my personal life and you wonderful people flock down to console or perhaps make swine-related jokes.  You're often reading my confessions - so how can you not know me?  Maybe you don't know some basic statistics that the government would be interested in, but that's all boring nonsense anyways.

There will always be more to learn (how can one ever be finished getting to know someone?), but I don't think we're void of knowledge.  It varies, obviously, from LJ friends you're closer with to those who only follow posts and lurk (there they might know you better than you know them) - but I don't believe in the Nothing.  *has flashback to <i>The Neverending Story</i>*

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