Emmie (angearia) wrote,

A Break

So I've gotten into this soul searching and self-reflective phase of writing (beta'ing for other talented writers has made me get into navel gazing mode).  I'm also having trouble multitask-writing for "Thought You Should Know" and my seasonal_spuffy entry.  As my posting day looms - November 5 - I'm finding myself a bit stuck, having trouble moving forward with either story because one keeps niggling at the back of my mind while I'm working on the other one.

So, there will be a delay in posting the final chapters of TYSK so I can focus on my seasonal_spuffy entry.  I know, you hear the word "delay" for a WIP and you think "oh god, she's never gonna finish this, is she?"  But a lot of the most important scenes leading up the finish are already complete in rough draft and yes, the story will be finished.  It's too important to me that I'd give up on it.

I just want my seasonal_spuffy entry to be good, so please bear with me while I refocus my attention to that story.

Speaking of seasonal_spuffy (glances up, yeah can you tell that it's on my mind lately?), have you read ladyofthelog 's delightful fic "The Night of St. Vigeous"?  No?  GASP.  Go read it now!  It's wonderful fun, unique style and note perfect Buffy voice.

Tags: fic, rec, thought you should know, writing

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