Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Best. Case. Ever. (No Spoilers - Promise)

I've officially fallen in love with Castle.  I watched the first season mostly for the Fillion banter and enjoyed the show moderately (sometimes I got bored with the procedural aspect), but tonight's episode pushed me over the edge into fannish-land.  I was literally squeeing at the banter and chemistry between Castle and Beckett throughout the episode.  And I love how Beckett works so hard to pull one over on Castle.  I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Seriously.  Mad Men and Castle are where it's at for me right now. 

Everything else just doesn't hit that level of entertainment for me.  Dollhouse - well, I feel like I keep waiting for it to meet my expectations.  I like the thinky thoughts I have when watching the show, but it's not fun.  I'm not fascinated, not really.  It feels too heavy sometimes, the writing doesn't fly.  I'm not carried away with delight over the characterization, the humor, the storyline, the twists.  It still feels clunky to me.  I'm still waiting for it to click.  For it to click the way Castle clicked tonight.

Also Bones has become tired, also, though last week's episode was fairly good.  But seriously Castle > Bones.

Why?  The writing is so sharp.  The banter, baby.  Oh, the banter!  Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have the most amazing chemistry on screen.  It's joyful!  I had so much fun watching tonight's episode that I actually have it playing in the background again as I type. 

I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about a show.  Was it just me?  Anyone else feeling the Castle love?

Tags: castle, tv

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