Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Have you seen this garbage?

Apparently Spuffy hate lives on in the Buffy Calender 2009  Check out the pictures used for January.

UGH.  Riley and Buffy are having a nice picnic.  Angel is comforting Buffy after her mother's funeral.  And Spike is in mid-attempted rape scene.  Right.  That's the perfect picture for the calendar.  Why couldn't it have been the image of Spike holding Buffy during Touched or their hands lighting up during Chosen when she says 'I love you'?  Oh wait, that would require the person who made this calender to not be bigoted against their relationship.  They should have added the scene where Buffy near-psychotically beats Spike into a bloody pulp in Dead Things, then it would have been a fairer representation of how dark their relationship became at times.  So anyone actually planning on buying this merch?  Maybe to burn it?



Tags: calendar, wtf
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