Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Fic Rec

I'm sure many of you on my flist (the Spuffy is strong here, aye) are already watching seasonal_spuffy with great interest.  But actually finding the time to read, well there lies the problem.  In any case, I'd just like to gleefully share that penny_lane_42 has come up with another beauty for us, Prism

The fall theme is distance and Lirazel uses the distant POV's of the Potentials during Season 7 to take us closer to the subtle and unspoken relationship between Spike and Buffy.  Lovely characterization and beautiful insight amidst a quite inventive effort in writing about Spuffy from the POV of characters better known as canon fodder of the season.  They become real here and dammit all if she didn't make me feel sympathy for Rona.  I hate Rona.  Or hated.  It could be past tense here and I blame Lirazel.

And while you're tooling around, check out the fun offerings by moscow_watcher rebcake and quinara
Go.  Read.  Enjoy!

Tags: fic, rec

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