Emmie (angearia) wrote,

New Plot Bunny: The Buffybot Returns

Okay, so a completely new plot bunny has taken hold of me.  And it's crackilicious but very, very fun.  It involves the Buffybot being brought back around All the Way to help ease the burden for Buffy in adjusting to her responsibilities.  Where is this headed?  Not rightly sure yet.  But a scene just flashed in my mind of Buffy, Spike and the Buffybot headed to Vegas for a wild weekend and Buffybot counting cards to solve their troubled financial situation.  Heh, maybe they'd get propositioned by some sleaze wanting to hook-up with two hot blonde twins - Spike, of course, would be offended and have to defend their honor.  Oh, and also - a Once More, With Feeling song for the Buffybot, maybe somehow make it a duet with Buffy.

It would of course be Spuffy, which begs the question of how does Spike woo Buffy when the Bot's always getting in the way?  Answer: not very well.  Coitus interruptus much.  Bot cockblocking, hee.
Tags: writing

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