Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Plot Bunnies

1.  The Loan Shark and the Gorch brother (seen running away from Cordy in Homecoming) and another villain who escaped being slayed (maybe Lurconis from Band Candy or Doc surviving the fall off the tower in The Gift) all join forces. I imagine them getting together and playing poker and bragging about how they escaped the Slayer. And they join up to create the original Trio. And they're equally as lame. Like there'd be all these scenes around actual episodes where they try to kill Buffy and it all goes horribly wrong. Everything you didn't know was happening off-screen.

2.  Thought You Should Know sequel.  The magical black orb that trapped the Immortal.  Well, he has more of them.  A collection used to swallow up all the mages, warlocks and witches for millennia who failed to free him from his cursed immortality and restore his humanity.  So he started collecting them, trapping their power in fits of rage.  Somehow, the orbs are triggered and release everyone.  Including the Immortal.  Wackiness ensues.  The sequel would also focus more on Spike's development and how he fits into the world, which means dealing with his past and vampires, too.  Yeah, it's all kinda jumbled in my head currently.

3.  Jayne from Firefly and Anya meet and discover they're perfect for each other.  Somehow Anya is called to wreak vengeance on Serenity - probably Inara inadvertently making a wish against Mal and Anya's power center gets smashed again, so she's stranded on Serenity.  Jayne likes sex.  Anya likes sex.  Jayne likes money.  Anya likes money.  Do you see how perfect they are for each other?  Janya is my crossover OTP. 

4.  My Seasonal Spuffy story whose deadline is looming - November 5.  It deals with an immortal Buffy lamenting the loss of heaven, rejecting Spike and in turn needing Spike to help restore her to heaven.  It gets all epic journey-style.  It's like the reverse of stories where Buffy goes to hell to save Spike.  Or Spike goes to hell to save Buffy. 

Tags: writing

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