Emmie (angearia) wrote,

10 Things I Love

Because it's good to remember the positives in life.

*sings*  These are a few of my favorite things...

In no particular order:

1.  Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  It's my flavor of choice.  My love for it knows no bounds.  It's perfectly perfect in every way and I feel tragic sorrow for the lactose intolerant who cannot enjoy such magnificence.  (Note:  This love translates to Thin Mints, the cookie version.)

2.  My Flist.  Why are you guys so frickin' awesome?  Seriously?  I'm sure we're breaking some kind of health code because there's way too much awesome up in here. 

3.  The Exhilarating Jump Effect found when you go too fast over a speedbump or a dip in the middle of a road or when a plan takes off and you feel your stomach flip.  This makes me squee with excitement.  I love it. 

4.  Singing in the shower.  The acoustics, oh my the acoustics!  And even when you don't sound good, you somehow sound good.  It's like the world is giving you a second chance at being that pop star you dreamed of becoming when you were seven and you used to sing into your hairbrush in front of your bedroom mirror.  Yes, you too can be a star!  Actually, I just love singing in general, but especially in the shower.

5.  Poetry/Literature/Language.  The art of expression is like this beautiful drug to me.  I want it.  I want to devour it and savor it.  To analyse it and make sense of it and create patterns within it that spindle out into a million different other meanings that create some kind of order in the universe.  Art is life and life is art and they become one and the other through reflections of reflections.  I love feeling dizzy with the wonder of meaning until it somehow only makes sense in this ephemeral place that you can't describe, you can only feel.

6.  Writing.  An extension of 5 really.  And it baffles me that I'm sometimes good at it because I'm the girl who can't tell a story to save my life.  It always gets jumbled and mangled.  I can't tell jokes - I always mess up the punchline.  But written word - yeah, I can do that.  Oh symbols on a white background! <3

7.  Kittens.  Seriously.  I was a dog person growing up and then these cats just stole my heart and where and what and how?  I love leaning down to hug Crinos sleeping on my bed and having her peer at me through her mostly closed lids and then start to purr because I'm nearby.  Cat love.  Wonderful, incredible cat love! 

8.  Spuffy.  A list feels incomplete without them when I say love.  Going beyond the incredible emotions I've felt from the text, Spuffy has given me fanfiction, inspiration, and brought me to dear friends in the fandom.

9.  Curling up in bed with a good book (paperback for ease in reading as you lie on your side), so good that you can't put it down and you keep reading till 4 am in the morning and it's just so damned right that you refuse to regret the lack of sleep the next morning. 

10.  Thunderstorms.  Loud, wild thunderstorms in the middle of the night that flash lightning outside your window.  I love standing outside under the roof of the porch, letting the wind and rain whip past me.  The rumbling following the flash and how you count the seconds to know how far away the lightning struck.  The power of it.  It makes me feel tiny and connected to something larger than myself all at once.
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