Emmie (angearia) wrote,

The Cream of the Fanfic Crop

discussion of the merits of fanfiction and the quality of Season 8 brewed into a flow of ideas regarding what are the best pieces of fanfiction out there at [info]sueworld2003's  LJ and led to a collection of recommendations for the best of the best in fanfiction. The works that (as elisi   says) are "wide in scope, deep, richly layered, using characters from the whole 'verse and tells a long and complex story, and that can also be analysed and delved into?"  Fanfiction so good it rivals the show and some say it surpasses the writing in the comics.  Better than Season 8?  Whatever the case may be, they're all touted as being a damn fine read.

The Recommendations

Three Deep - recommeded by elisi   and the accompanying meta for this fanfiction endeavor by stultiloquentia  's Three Deep Geek-Out and quinara  's Dead Ends, discussions and speculation.

rahirah   recommends Manus by kita1016 (link to be added), Season Noir by eliade  , anything written by Kalima aka lordshiva  , Spiegel I'm Spiegel and it's sequels by fallowdoe  , Bowiebhaharata by mustangsally78   and rivkatAnd for the more relationship-focused fics, anything by herself_nyc  , anaross   and lynnene .

beer_good_foamy   recommends anything by stormwreath  ,snowpuppies  , girlpire   and deird1  .

speakr2customrs   recommends almost everything by liz_marcs  , Lilac City by NWHepcat, The Ballad of Ira Hayes julia_here  , and Lonely on the Mountain by the rec'er.  More relationship-based fics include shadowcast  's Fragments series and Sockpuppet, Necessary Evils by rahirah .

eowyn_315   seconds the recommendations for liz_marcs  , shadowcast  's Sockpuppet and suggests starting with A Raising in the Sun before reading Necessary Evils by rahirah .

shapinglight   recommends Mission Accomplished by beer_good_foamy  .  Accompanying meta self-commentary found here "Mission Accomplished" DVD commentary and various philosophizin' on Buffy and Giles

hello_spikey   recommends Last Known Address by girlpire  .

menomegirl   recommends The Devil You Know by ficangel   and The Quality of Mercy by yahtzee .

shadowcast   recommends Family Reunion by shapinglight  and the fanwork virtual series Angel: No Limits.

Tags: fic, rec

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