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Dollhouse Needs Your Help

Bad news has started trickling down the grapevine.  That blessed, too good to be true second season - might get yanked.  The first two episodes have had poor ratings.  This hasn't been helped by the abysmal advertising from FOX that either gave incorrect air dates or little to no promos airing and what does air is just...BAD.  On top of this, Dollhouse's lead-in this year are two sitcoms where there's no expectation of crossover viewership.

I want to see Summer Glau on my TV again!  I want more Alexis!  I want more Amy Acker delivering her incredibly emotional performances!  I want another post-Apocalyptic Epitaph episode!

Don't you want it, too?

What can you do?

- Buy Dollhouse Season 1 on DVD (also available in Blu-ray)
- Watch Dollhouse on hulu.com or fox.com (if you are outside the US, try this trick)
- Buy episodes to watch on Amazon and iTunes
- Talk about the show to your friends.  Try to get your friends to give it a shot. 
- Post banners and use icons in your journal (check here).  Spread the word.  Help inform people about when the show airs and how they can help. 

Learn more on how you can help at blank_dolls and through the campaign at the IMDB Dollhouse board here.  The Activate Dollhouse forum has also been created to organize a fandom campaign.

I'm currently streaming episodes of Dollhouse on Hulu and Fox.com right now while surfing the internet.  I plan to keep doing this whenever I remember to hit the play button.  Just open up a tab and have it playing in the background.  Your viewing will be counted even if you don't have a Nielson's box. 

Dollhouse was renewed for 13 episodes.  Let's all give a little effort to see that we at least get to see these episodes air.  Take a little time here.  Please. 

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