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A Writer's Meme: Taking Stock of the Good, the Bad and the Overly Verbose

I'm not really sure how these things get started, but I think that it's sometimes good to self-evaluate.  So let's focus on the good and not that it might be a bit self-involved.  I'm intending this more for fiction writers, but looking at it, if you write meta then that too would apply if you want to play.

What's the piece of writing you're most proud of?  Why?

Thought You Should Know.  I think there are moments that I'm incredibly happy with, lines and scenes that translated exactly the way I visualized them.  I think I'm most proud of it because it's the piece that I've grown with as a writer.  I've stretched myself to meet these tasks.  Like the fight scenes and the death scene and the dream scenes.  I try to blend the genres the way the show did.  I'm trying to capture that feel of Buffy.  And even if I don't think the result is perfect, in the attempt I feel I reach a place to be proud of.  I also think it's my most meaningful story.

What do you think is your best work?  Why?

Best to me means the work that accomplishes all that you intended, is stylistically strong, doesn't waste words.  There isn't a piece of it you would cut nor a piece that you feel you need to add.  That, to me, is Mirror Mask.  There are more things that can be said about Buffy, but to me this piece that focuses on her heart and her 'mask' says all I needed to say.  Second to that, and meeting the same qualifications, I'd include my Spuffy poem Fire Back.  I can't think of a word I'd change and I'm very happy with its message and the imagery it evokes.

Is there a piece that nags at you and you can't figure out how to fix it or if it even needs to be fixed?

The Forbiddenest of Loves.  It's fun, it was well-received.  Yet when I read it, it just feels wrong.  I feel this strange distance from the piece and I want to reword sentences, but I can't escape the feeling that I'm picking at something that doesn't need fixing, so I let it go.

Is there a story you wish you'd done differently?  How would you change it, looking back?

Again, Thought You Should Know.  When I first started writing, my sense of style and technique was very weak.  I would tighten the POV and the plot.  I'd want to improve upon the earlier chapters.  There's one scene (I'm sure there's more than one) that jumps around POVs within a few paragraphs that I want so badly to fix, but I'm not sure how.  I think once the story is finished, it might be getting a much-needed polishing.

What's the kinkiest thing you've written?

Depends on the definition of kink.  Getting Off is probably one of the most bizarre kinks - I've trademarked Spuffy submarine pr0n and submarine elves.  But I'd have to say I tend to avoid out-of-the-box kinks, except for Dream Lover which has Willow/vamp!Willow. 

What's the darkest piece?

My first person POV of Buffy set during Season 6, Make it Burn.  And again, season 6 Buffy POV in Wishes.

What's the funniest piece?

I tend to go more for angst than funny pieces, but I think my two funniest ones star Anya in Therapy Sessions and Clem/Moist in It's Always the Quiet Ones.

What's the piece that sounded good in theory, but just didn't translate well?

Live the Music (Trippin' is Fun and Informative).  This fic is one that gets good feedback for the idea of it, but I think my execution was a bit off.  It has a deluge of images with Spike's hands that I tried to convey in a poetic sense.  But a part of me wonders if there's just too much of it, that it doesn't bog down the piece.

If you pick up this meme, feel free to add questions that I might not have thought to add. :)
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