Emmie (angearia) wrote,

I don't want to analyze Dollhouse

I just want to enjoy it.  I want to experience it.  To breathe it.  It's similar to how I first watched Buffy.  I wasn't a part of fandom until after the show had ended even though I'd watched it from the first season on.  I love reading other people's in-depth thoughts, but I want to be the viewer.  I want to be taken into the world, to experience it close-up.  And this type of viewing negates thoughtful analysis.  When I watch a show, I try to connect.  To feel.  I'm sure I'll eventually have thinky thoughts (I did last season when it first started), but now I don't really want to push that.  To force it.  I just wanna watch the story unfold.
Tags: dollhouse
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