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My Writing Playlist

The recent discussion about writing methods has made me want to share a bit about how I write. Please, don't mind me wanking about writing. Talking about my methods helps me figure out my methods.

I listen to music when I write. It helps me set a mood, capture emotions and jumpstart my imagination. It carries me through. The lyrics don't distract me because I'm able to focus past them (if that makes sense). Maybe this is weird, but I write emotion by feeling emotion. I write emotion by channeling emotion. The reunion scene when Buffy first sees Spike again, well, I call it method-writing. The way an actor creates the reality and taps into the feelings, that's how I write.

My Writing Playlist

"Run" by Leona Lewis
Mood: Romantic, Inspirational and Touching
Scenes: Spike's first letter in "Thought You Should Know". Buffy first seeing Spike alive in "Thought You Should Know". I played this over and over again while writing. You'd think it would be horribly repetitive, but the rise of the song just helped me create this feeling

"Invincible" by Ok Go

Mood: Badass In-Your-Face Action
Scenes: Battle scenes from "Thought You Should Know". I first heard this song when it was paired with an awesome Buffy fanvid. It cemented its place in my mind as the action song of Buffy.

"A Bitter Song" by Butterfly Boucher
Mood: Mournful
Scene: The Immortal's death scene and Lara's breakdown in "Thought You Should Know".

"Pain" by Three Days Grace
Mood: Violent Angst
Scene: Season 6 Spuffy.  This is my Season 6 Spuffy anthem for tapping into Buffy's POV.
Tags: writing

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