Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Moving Day, erm, Week and the Cliffhanger of Doom

So I'm busy packing to move into a new house and I'm going to be extremely busy with cleaning and packing for the next few days. I'm also going to be without internet from Thursday the 17th through Saturday the 19th. My roomie, Leia, and I are actually moving this Saturday so the next few days are filled with packing and cleaning the new house. We move in on Saturday and then the glorious unpacking begins.

So besides my enforced internet blackout time for the next few days and being busy with moving and work, I have a question for those reading "Thought You Should Know". I just posted Chapter 25 yesterday afternoon. Now, I have Chapter 26 nearly ready. But *raises finger* the next week is going to be very busy for me so my intentions of keeping up with a weekly posting might not happen. (I try, but I've fallen behind before. I know, I know!)

Would you prefer that I:

A) go ahead and post Chapter 26 later on tonight even though there might be a week and a half before I'm able to post Chapter 27 -


B) wait to post Chapter 26 till next Tuesday so that there isn't a long wait between Chapters 26 and 27?

Poll #1458518 TYSK Chapter 26

When should I post Chapter 26?

Tonight! A longer wait between 26 and 27 is okay.
Next Tuesday. A regular schedule is best.
Either way. I'm a carefree, laidback individual without demands.
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