Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Oh, Mad Men

I just watched episode 7 "Red in the Face" and the final scene just made the show for me.  I'm hooked.  Oh, Don Draper with your mystery and your accusations at your wife when your drunk boss hits on her.  Then your realization that he was the initiator and oh, sweet machination of revenge. 

Stairwell.  Oysters.  Nixon.  *dies*

The look of slightly uncertain accusation from Sterling.  The smirk as Don walks away and then the credits roll.  Brilliant. 

I've read some criticisms that the scene was too long.  Too much time in the stairwell.  But no, I thought it was perfect, just perfect.

*off to watch more*

Oh, I also enjoyed Betty's brief awakening while talking to her friend.  That brief moment where she says "no" - I'm looking forward to seeing more from her.
Tags: mad men, tv
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