Emmie (angearia) wrote,

The Head Tilt Theory

So Spike likes to tilt his head. A lot. A LOT. Link may provide you with a delightful deluge of head tilts set to the music of "If you think I'm sexy" by Rod Stewart. Not made by me!

But why? What's it all mean? Is he looking for some new perspective on life? Is he looking for understanding? Is he just so goddamned sexy that he can't help but tilt his head for the power of it all?

For a long time, all I knew was this: he tilts, fans swoon. It was all we ever needed to know.

Then in looking for the first time Spike ever tilted his head I found this screencap of Drusilla and Spike.


Why yes. That's Spike tilting his head. Towards Drusilla. His greatest love at that point in time. He head tilted at Cecily in Fool for Love. He's head tilted so many times at Buffy. We know this to be true.

Not to say that the head tilts are exclusively targeted at love interests. Sometimes you'll see the rare head tilt partnered with an eye roll and an 'are you really that stupid' look. But even these snarky moments all seem to be about him asking or demanding understanding from another. The head tilts of understanding and harmony happen most often when he's in the presence of the one he loves. Because of all people, he wants her to understand him and, in return, support him.

Isn't the romantic head tilt another form of Spike asking his partner if she'll dance with him?

He's just looking for someone to lean on. For someone to love. For someone he can tilt his head on. Spike is a character defined by his desire to love and be loved. His head tilts told me so.
Tags: meta, spike
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