Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Why I love Spuffy Fandom

This isn't a post to talk about why I love Spuffy (shouldn't that be obvious by now?).  This is a post to share my love of the Spuffy fandom.  Never before have I met (most virtually, some in real life!) so many talented, articulate, passionate, thoughtful, artistic, generous, fascinating and fun people.

The incredible writers, the insightful essayists, the inspired artists - sometimes you meet those who have mastered one arena, sometimes all three (I boggle at the thought of this power of AWESOME within one person).  You make this place joyful and intriguing.  When I'm looking for insightful discussion, I come to you.  You've moved me to tears.  You've made me die laughing only to resurrect me with thought provoking discussion that changes the way I view the world.  I'm grateful to you. 

Thank you.

Kerfuffle schmerfuffle.  You guys rock.

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