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Whedonverse Community...help?

Some of you may know that I'm a moderator over at SlayAlive forums.  That name may inspire varied reactions here in LJ-land from indifference to dislike or (one hopes) fondness.  But I hope if you're reading this now, you'll be thinking of me fondly. :)

We at SlayAlive are an exciteable bunch.  Especially me.  I have grand ideas and one of these is a website that brings together Whedonverse resources for the fandom.  I think we went through this period after the shows went off the air when creations and archives were just...lost.  It's sad.  Yes, we have Buffyworld for transcripts.  And we have Screencap Paradise for caps from the shows (the site is down half the time).  But other than that, all the wonders of fandom are stretched far and wide across the web.  I'm thinking about such treasures as meta (more people should be reading meta that's here on LJ) and commentary transcripts by stormwreath

We're expanding the site to house galleries for fanart (including tutorials and resources to help fan-artists), archives for fanfiction (again writing resources offered, archives for new fic, links to fanfic writer's websites), all the episode transcripts and shooting scripts, customs and collections, HQ screencaps (Screencap Paradise fails so often with its glitches), interviews (archives of interviews from back in the day) and Q&A's.  We want to bring all that wonderful Whedonverse content back to a central location. 

It's ambitious.  And we're a young crew of fandom moderators.

It seems like we keep losing things in this fandom.  Fanfiction is disappearing off the internet.  I remember way back when there used to be a Buffysearch.com that was a great resource and that's been gone for years.

Basically, I'm talking about community building and creating a central home of resources for fans.  Which might be a challenge.  It feels like the Buffyverse fandom has retreated to its separate corners (from past events I missed) and are happily settled.  And things keep on disappearing...

So this is me asking for collaboration from anyone who wants to help, however big or small, in rebuilding the fandom community.  In sharing your thoughts, in sharing your creations, in sharing what you have saved on your hard drive that new fans will never get to see because the fandom on the internet eats its own tail. 

Special Request:  Is there anyone on my flist with experience in web-building that would perhaps answer some questions from one of my fellow mods?

I'm thinking about a bigger collection for fans, sharing the sort of things that I'd probably have never seen if fans like moscow_watcher  and sueworld2003  weren't going around sharing them.  moscow_watcher especially goes to all corners of the fandom sharing interesting info and tidbits.

P.S.  I'm very tired as I'm writing this so if it's not making with the sense, I blame sleep deprivation, k?
Tags: fandom, slayalive
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