Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Spike was a lousy boyfriend...?

stormwreath recently posted a transcript of Doug Petrie's Audio Commentary for BtVS The Initiative.

And it's a very fun read, indeed. The Doug/Riley love, the gushing over Aly's cuteness, the constant reminders that Sarah is very, very pretty. But one thing struck me as a bit odd. When he's talking about Spike, he discusses how awful he treats Harmony and what a bad boyfriend he is to her. Well, yes. That's universally accepted that Spike treats Harmony like crap. But Petrie goes on to say that we shouldn't be surprised that he treats Harmony so badly because he doesn't love her and:

"He was a lousy boyfriend to Drusilla and he loved her."

Now here's where I get lost. Spike was a lousy boyfriend to Drusilla? Hamnoo? You mean the relationship where he devoted his entire being to her every need and desire. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was always Dru who was the one who strayed, the one who was a bad girlfriend. She was constantly cheating on Spike, stomping on his overly human and sensitive heart.

Did I miss something here? Or are we just witnessing a little Petrie prejudice against Spike?

ETA: I know this comes off as nigh on Dru-bashing. I don't intend it to be. I was just being overly defensive on Spike's behalf here. Neither Spike and Dru are perfect. I just happen to think Spike doesn't deserve the label of "lousy boyfriend".

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