Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Writing Action

Is hard.  Writing dialogue comes to me so easily.  Like breathing.  I can write it as fast as I can type.  But writing action - not so much with the easy.  Writing fight scenes?  Even harder.  Heh.  Spoiler warning.  Lots of violence in the chapters to come.  I'm writing a very pissed-off Buffy.  The way you read of Spike letting his demon loose during a fight and relishing the kill?  Well, this chapter is from Buffy's POV.  And yeah, she's definitely enjoying the fight.  Is it wrong that I think feral!Buffy (internally, mind you) is hot?  It occurs to me that I'm not so much writing Buffy here as writing The Slayer coming out to play in Buffy.

Just wondering what other readers find to be a particular challenge.  Anyone feel like sharing?
Tags: writing
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