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FIC: Thought You Should Know - Chapter Index

poster by katekat1010 
You can run from the truth, you can bury it deep,
or you can face it, embrace it and be whole again.

Before the final battle in Not Fade Away, Spike sent Buffy a letter saying goodbye, never expecting to survive the fight or ever see her again.  But survive he does only to discover there isn’t room in Buffy's new world for long-lost romance.  The reunited pair must face deception, betrayal, and oh yeah, a whole lot of people who want the Slayer and her allies dead.  Permanently. 

Comics-Compliant  ::  Work-In-Progress
 Romance, Angst, Action, Humor :: +100,000 Words  
Rated R for violence, language and adult situations 

Chapter 1       Chapter 7       Chapter 13       Chapter 19        Chapter 25     Chapter 31     Chapter 37

Chapter 2        Chapter 8       Chapter 14       Chapter 20       Chapter 26     Chapter 32     Chapter 38

Chapter 3        Chapter 9       Chapter 15       Chapter 21       Chapter 27     Chapter 33     Chapter 39

Chapter 4       Chapter 10      Chapter 16       Chapter 22       Chapter 28     Chapter 34     Chapter 40

Chapter 5       Chapter 11      Chapter 17       Chapter 23       Chapter 29     Chapter 35     Chapter 41

Chapter 6       Chapter 12      Chapter 18       Chapter 24       Chapter 30     Chapter 36     Chapter 42

:: Awards ::



Nominated for Best Angst/Dark at the Fang Fetish Awards - Round 11 fangfetish


Nominated for Best Gen at the Shades of Grey Awards - Round 25 sog_awards


Nominated for The "Cookie Dough" Award (Best WIP) at The Running With Scissors Awards - Round 7rwsawards


Nominated for the "Showtime" Award (Best Original Plot) and the "That Old Gang Of Mine" Award (Best Gen)
at the
No Rest For the Wicked Awards - Round 3 


Nominated for Best Author, Best Plot and Best Characterization (Buffy)
at the
Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards - Round 20

Tags: fic, index, spuffy, thought you should know
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