Emmie (angearia) wrote,

So tired.

Wow.  I'm just ridiculously tired from work.  The kind of tired where you look at the computer screen and think you should be doing something and yet you just end up staring at it.  Meh.

In fic-related news, I've realized that I'm slightly behind in posting the next chapter of TYSK.  And then I realized how much other works I'd written in the past two weeks and a light bulb went off in my head.  TYSK is complicated.  Complicated like whoa.  Instead of buckling down and editing and expanding on my notes, I've been swimming in the blissful sea of writing smut and fluff and comedic crossovers.  Moist and Clem?  Ridiculous fun.  Buffy and Spike celebrating her birthday?  Awwww.  Even writing Buffy and Spike talking about heaven was more like a writing exercise, a release. 

Basically, I've raised the bar very high with TYSK.  And I need to buckle down.  Eye on the prize.  So I'm going to be focusing on my main fic!lovechild whom I've neglected in favor of those aforementioned flirty drabbles and oneshots (those fickle, shallow teases).  So you can expect less of the Fluffy Spuffy for a bit.  Or at least, I'm going to try to write that less and write more of TYSK.  But hey, the good news is that the next chapter has some intense Spuffy reunion fun.
Tags: writing

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