Emmie (angearia) wrote,

FIC: Lay Weary On Me

Title: Lay Weary On Me
Summary: Spike wakes up to find an exhausted Slayer sprawled on top of him. Set sometime in a happy future.  Spike's POV and accompaniment to Lay Weary With Me (Buffy's POV).
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Word Count: 335
Rating: PG-13

The rising dawn lulls him into a sun-drugged sleep. He dozes, trying to stay awake. For her. She’ll be home soon enough. He’ll wait for her to…

The warm press of her body wakes him. He feels her hot breath on his back, the slide of soft flesh, the enticement of skin on skin. Her heat burns him, surrounds him, covering him like a blanket set on fire.

Speaking of fire…

He grimaces, shifting at the growing pressure in his groin. She moans unhappily in her sleep and he freezes. He feels her rub her cheek against his spine, sighing as she settles back into a comfortable position. Her breathe evens out and he releases the tension in his body, relaxing with her as she falls into a deeper sleep.

She murmurs something, sounding disgruntled, and he smiles. She grunts to punctuate her displeasure and his smile grows into a grin.

“No…stop it…mmph…”

Bossy bint. Even in her sleep. Probably dreaming about slaying evil, snarking and punning and lecturing the denizens of hell. That or she’s telling him he’s loading the dishwasher all wrong.

He reaches out, opening his senses to read the lay of the sun in the sky. Late afternoon. Guess it won’t hurt to just lay here for a bit. Nothing needed doing anyways.

His skin shivers at the sudden press of soft lips to his spine, his groin tightening unbearably. She licks him in her sleep. God, only the perfect woman would do that. In her sleep. Wonder if he could get her to suck his-

No. Best save that for when she’s running on all cylinders. Better safe than sorry.

He frowns at the feel of moisture collecting into a pool on his back. She’s not…Oh, hell. Alright, time to wake up. He shakes her lightly. She lies like dead weight atop him. Tiny, barely noticeable dead weight, but still…

“Buffy, you’re drooling on me.”


Yeah, okay. Five more minutes. But then he was definitely waking her up.
Tags: fic, spuffy

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