Emmie (angearia) wrote,

FIC: Lay Weary With Me

Title:  Lay Weary With Me
Summary:  Buffy arrives home tired to find a sleeping vampire in her bed.  Set sometime in a happy future.
Pairing:  Spike/Buffy
Word Count:  282
Rating:  PG

The sun is rising when she arrives home. Long night of slaying. Long night – period.

She tosses her leather jacket onto the banister and climbs the stairs with leaden feet, eyes half-closed in exhaustion.

Sleep. Want sleep now.

She leaves a trail of clothing in her wake. A sweater here, a boot there. She unhooks her bra and lets it drop at the door of her bedroom, shouldering inside without bothering to turn on the light. Pants fall to the floor and she steps out of them, her body naked save for a tiny slip of satin nestled between her thighs.

A faint stream of sunlight creeps under the heavy black curtains, the indirect warmth outlining the man in her bed. He’s lying on his stomach, the muscles of his back smooth yet taut. She pushes the sheets down past his hips, exposing the curve of his buttocks, running her finger along the dip in his spine.

Her panties fall to the floor. He doesn’t awaken. That would be too easy. She doesn’t need him to be awake. Not for this.

She sighs, her shoulders slumping wearily. Then she climbs on top of him. She lies on his back, her breasts pushing against his ribs, her cheek pressing into the concave space between his shoulderblades. She hugs her arms around his sides and lets her body heat fuse with his cool flesh. Her pelvis cradles the rise of his ass cheeks, her feet cup the side curves of his calves.

Her body goes loose, molding to his. She sleeps.

Hours later as the sun begins to dip toward the horizon, her bed shifts beneath her, grumbling, “Buffy, you’re drooling on me.”



Read Spike's POV - Lay Weary On Me

Tags: fic, spuffy
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