Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Zomg! Spike's alive again?

The latest Georges Jeanty Q&A has come out with something interesting from the artist.  Those on my flist following Season 8 will no doubt recall all the debate about whether Buffy even knows Spike is alive.  A professional weighs in here and funny how he's asking all the same questions as us fans, no?

28. Jay: If you could choose, what Angel character would you want to cross over to Season Eight just so you can draw them?

Georges: Well, speaking as a Buffy fan I would love to have Angel come over, of course! But going back to the Angel episode the "Girl In Question" I would love to have that triangle played out in our book. I mean to my knowledge, Buffy doesn't even know Spike's alive again (unless Andrew said something to her). What would Buffy do if she saw Spike again after having all that time to think about how much of a sacrifice he made? Have her feelings changed? And was that, after all, what the whole "prophecy" was about?! Was Spike the chosen one?

Tags: comics, season 8
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