Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Writing Thoughts

Editing is HARD (TWSS-that's what Spike said) and not as fun as the first go of writing.  You have to be all analytical and harsh on what you've created.  I know it's a good thing.  A necessary thing (if you want what you write to be good).  But it's hard.

In related news, I expect aisalynn's first born in return for this angst!fic I'm writing for her.  I had this vague notion that I should try to make this story good, hopefully better than what I've written before, which means writing it fully before posting (I've never finished a multi-chapter fic before I started posting it) and taking the wonderful advice of eowyn_315 .  But still - first born child.  You owe me.

In related news to the related news, I now believe I owe eowyn_315  my firstborn.  Heh, full circle.

Tags: writing

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