Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Holy moly noms, Batman!

fangfetish sure loves to surprise me! I knew I was nom'd for a drabble and visited to view the current nominees in hopes of reading some good fic. Apparently, I've been nom'd for some other pieces too.  Thank you to whoever nominated my stories. I'm happy to know y'all (hello Southern accent that's oh so useful) enjoyed them!


Do Me No Good I knew had been nominated for Best Drabble.

Getting Off has been nominated for Best Heat and Best Fluff/Lighthearted.

Thought You Should Know has been nominated for Best Angst/Dark.


There's still a number of categories accepting nominations, so take a look and share your appreciation.  As Xander would say, to nom makes our reading fanfic good.  :)

Tags: awards

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