Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Spuffy Discussion Community?

I'm familiar with a lot of the LJ communities  for Spuffy fanfiction and art, but is there a community especially devoted to discussion of the 'ship?

As I was going through Dark Horse Spuffy Appreciation thread, I realized how much I'd missed the discussion.  It sometimes stalls a bit when there aren't enough people working to keep the discussion going (enisy  did a marvelous job of keeping the discussion alive over at DH, as did moscow_watcher ), but I believe that there are so many intelligent Spuffy fans (arguably the majority ) here on LJ that it's a great place for discussions to take place.  I was thinking in the vein of having themed discussions and questions to prompt debate.

Is there already a community for this?  Did I somehow miss it?

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