Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Spuffy Drabble: Beneath You---r Surface

This is a short piece in response to stormwreath's A Guide to 'Buffy' Ships and also incorporates a line from petzipellepingo.


It’s cold, cold between us,

Or so we’d have you believe,

But the fires run hot even though you can’t see,

We are death, slinking darkness predators,

Connected, irresistibly at war,

Circling and feinting, the tension between us cuts,

We fight over the power, no victor decided,

No captain acknowledged to steer the fury,

Immortal battle, constantly nullifying,

Til static war transmutes and we become,

Frustrated allies, warrior-lovers, soul-keepers,

This burn runs silently, runs deep,

Consuming us, drawing us closer,

Til hands finally meet openly,

Power at war now power of joint will,

Our fury no longer contained – torpedoes away!

Tags: drabble, fic, spuffy

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