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Spuffy Vid Rec: Guh I love this vidder

So I've been a fan of DarlaProductions (formerly known as Mscotstar1) for quite a while now. She does more than just throw clips together that kinda sorta match the lyrics. She tells stories. She recreates the moments we remember and reimagines them through her work. Her Spuffy vids are always incredibly moving to me, the stories they tell, and on top of that she's very talented at editing and creating effects. She's also the queen of mixing music with perfectly timed voice-overs of the best moments of Spuffy. Guh, I LOVE her.

Here's her most recent creation unveiled today, Halo:

I love the way she zooms in on the clips, the black and white effect, the very idea that there's a halo that Spike and Buffy can see in each other. The idea that Buffy's taking a risk on Spike in Lies My Parents Told Me because she believes in him is particularly poignant. The lyric "never even had a doubt" going with the scene where Buffy says "I believe in you, Spike" - Guh. The way she even freezes moments to let them breathe like at 1:10 with the frozen close-up on Buffy's face from Touched. Just...I fangirl this vidder so hard it's not even funny. I use her as my inspiration for writing Spuffy fics. Because often times in analyzing Spuffy and thinking about character motivation, I get to this place of cool and clinical. I lose the emotion of their connection. And these videos never fail to take me there, to that place of visceral feeling. So beautiful.

And wow, on another rewatch I realized the breaks from the color clips to black and white (which are done so masterfully) are symbolic of slipping from the everyday vision of the world to seeing each other's "halo", this otherworldly glow of white light. Guh, I heart this vid so much. Pretty symbolism is pretty.

And here's another one of her newer pieces, A Small Crime:

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