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Fin Amour - The monks' spell to create the Key goes wonky.  Written for Spring 2010 seasonal_spuffy.  Spike/Buffy.  Season 5.  R.  ~14,000 words.  Complete.  (June 2010)

Sad Song in His Heart - Just when Spike's ready to give up on love, an unexpected wish forces him to re-examine what he believes to be true. Spike/Buffy, OC. Post-Harm's Way. PG-13. ~ 6,000 words. *May also read accompaniment drabble Amara's Angle* (May 2009)

Thought You Should Know -  Before the final battle in Not Fade Away, Spike sent Buffy a letter saying goodbye, never expecting to survive the fight or ever see her again. But survive he does only to discover there isn’t much room in Buffy's new world for long-lost romance. The reunited pair must face deception, betrayal, and oh yeah, a whole lot of people who want the Slayer and her allies dead. Permanently.  Spike/Buffy, ensemble cast of Buffy and Angel. Set in the canon of the Season 8 and After the Fall comics. R. +100,000 words. Work In Progress. *Last Updated with Chapter 36* (March 2009 - Present)

Undertow - WIP.  Historical Angel Fanged Four story.


Begin Again - Spike works hard to get back in Buffy's good graces.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Not Fade Away.  PG.  1550 words.  (December 2009)

Bribery So Blatant - The games between a Slayer and a vampire are never simple. Buffy/Spike. Post-Not Fade Away. NC-17. 1,161 words. (August 2009)

Curse You, FOX, For Tricking Me Thrice! - Joss seeks his revenge against FOX for canceling Dollhouse by calling forth a powerful ally.  Crack!fic.  Joss, Buffy.  PG-13.  1,190 words.  (November 2009)

Desperate Choices - What could lead Buffy into thinking robbing a bank was the way to go? Buffy, Andrew, Dawn, ensemble. Post-Chosen, Pre-Season 8. G. 2,151 words. (September 2009)

Getting Off - Buffy and Spike are trapped on a magical submarine - their only escape lies in fanning the flames of their passion. Spike/Buffy. Post-Damage. NC-17. ~ 3,000 words. (July 2009)

It's Always the Quiet Ones - Seeking redemption, Moist's journey runs afoul when he crosses paths with Sunnydale's friendly neighborhood demon, Clem. Crossover Buffy/Dr Horrible. PG. 1000 words. (August 2009)

Knowledge is a Gift - Buffy and Willow are best friends forever.  During Season 6.  PG.  1300 words.  (March 2010)

Live the Music (Trippin' is Fun and Informative Remix) - Spike feeds off a flowerperson at Woodstock and stares at his hands for the next six hours, watching them move in ways he remembers and ways he could never imagine. Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru. PG. ~2,400 words. (July 2009)

Mission Implants - The Trio is looking to gather more intel on the Slayer.  Andrew, Warren, Jonathan, Buffy.  Mid-Season 6.  PG-13.  1082 words.  (November 2009)

No Happy Ending - When the line blurs between Buffy's dreams and reality, can you tell which one is real? Buffy, ensemble. Post-The Girl in Question, Season 8. PG. 1,146 words. (October 2009)

Of All That Is Sweet and Warm - Spike and Charlie have too much fun while Buffy is away.  Spike, Charlie, Buffy.  Post-Not Fade Away, Babyfic.  G.  1,837 words.  Accompaniment to To Be Born Again and His Girls. (January 2010)

Sharing Shadows - Buffy offers Spike solace. During The Killer In Me. Buffy/Spike. PG. 1,054 words. (August 2009)

Sincerity - When the weirdness fades away, all that's left is what's real.  Buffy/Spike.  Season 8.  PG-13.  1700 words.  (September 2010)

The Girls in Question - Spike races to meet Buffy in Scotland. Buffy/Spike, mentions Buffy/Other. Post-Wolves at the Gate. PG-13. 2,393 words. (August 2008)

Therapy Sessions - After too many break-ups and apocalypses to count, a member of the Scooby Gang finally seeks professional help. Anya. Post-Sleeper. PG-13. 1,137 words. (December 2008)

Those Who Favor Fire - Buffy, Spike and ice skating.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Not Fade Away.  PG.  1200 words.  (March 2010)

Unveiled - Millennium. All Hallow's Eve. Ringing any bells? Buffy/Spike, ensemble. Post-No Place Like Home. PG-13. 3,610 words. (November 2009)

Ficlets (Under 1000 words)

A God's Confessional - Twilight's got a lot on his mind--the fate of the world!--and he needs someone to confide in.  Who can a god trust?  Season 8.  PG.  150 words.  (March 2010)

A Romantic Notion - Spike takes Buffy away from it all to give her some perspective.  Buffy/Spike.  Post- Not Fade Away.  PG.  700 words.  (April 2010)

Catering to a Vampire - Buffy make plans for Spike's birthday.  Buffy/Spike.  PG-13.  200 words.  (August 2010)

Chronology - Drusilla doesn't heed clocks.  Drusilla.  PG.  170 words.  (February 2010)

Cravings - Xander and Anya are expecting a little bundle of joy.  Xander/Anya.  PG.  750 words.  (August 2010)

Crush Denial - What if Buffy had seen Spike dancing with Drusilla at the Bronze? Buffy/Spike, Spike/Dru. PG. 800 words. (June 2009)

Dear Manservant - Xander and Dracula "first hit it off when Dracula came to Sunnydale.  Then they stayed in touch -- the occasional letter here and there..."  Xander/Dracula implied.  Set pre-Wolves at the Gate in Season 8.  PG-13.  250 words.  (December 2009)

First Comes Suffering - Spike remembers that suffering always comes before the reward.  Spike.  AU.  R.  350 words.  (February 2010)

Fluffy Presents - Spike promised Buffy a birthday surprise she'll actually enjoy. Buffy/Spike. PG-13. 667 words. (August 2009)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Stuck in Buffy's bedroom with some time on her hands, Faith goes looking for something to keep her occupied.  Buffy, Faith.  Mid-Season 3.  PG-13.  922 words.  (November 2009)

HBICs, Baby - Cordy and Lilah know each other's moves.  Femslash.  PG-13.  250 words.  (March 2010)

Heartbent - Buffy wants to comfort Xander. Buffy, Xander. Post-Wolves at the Gate. PG. 729 words. (November 2008)

His Girls - In the happier times, there are no stages to be worked through - there's only life.  Sequel to To Be Born Again.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Not Fade Away.  Babyfic.  PG.  500 words.  (November 2009)

Inquiring Minds Want to Know - Dawn has reverted back to her doll-state and only Willow can help her - in more ways than one.  Post-Living Doll (Season 8 Issue 25).  PG-13 for suggestive talk.  707 words.  (January 2010)

Kitchen Battle Royale - Slaying demon's is the Slayer's gig and she'll protect her home with any weapon on hand.  Buffy/Spike.  R for vague sexy times.  900 words.  (2010)

Lay Weary With Me & Lay Weary On Me - Alternating Buffy and Spike POVs of a day spent in bed together. Buffy/Spike. Post-Not Fade Away. PG-13. 617 words. (August 2009)

Make It Burn - Buffy's mindset during Season 6. Buffy/Spike. Post-Smashed. R. 359 words. (May 2009)

Mirror Mask - A portrait of Buffy. Post-Chosen. G. 929 words. (May 2009)

Missed (Delusional) Opportunity - Buffy confesses her feelings for Xander. Xander finds said feelings suspect.  Season 8.  G.  200 words.  (January 2010)

My Sacrifice - Buffy and Angel can never be.  Angel knows this and it haunts him.  Buffy/Angel.  Post-I Will Remember You.  PG.  400 words.  (July 2010)

No Talking - She'll find her escape in his kiss.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Tabula Rasa.  PG-13.  856 words.  (January 2010)

Playtime Interrupted - Buffy catches Spike writing a love letter.  Buffy/Spike.  PG. 200 words.  (January 2010)

Refuge - Buffy spends some time alone with Spike.  Storyteller.  PG.  818 words.  (November 2009)

Santa Claus Isn't Real - Spike will do anything to spend time with Buffy, even crash her family's Christmas gathering.  Post-Into the Woods.  G.  400 words.  (December 2009)

Secret Agent Man - Riley has infiltrated the Twilight organization to help Buffy save the world.  Spoilers for Twilight's identity.  Riley.  Season 8.  PG.  700 words. (August 2010)

Spike/Buffy Manifesto - Fandom asks: why do you love each other?  Buffy/Spike.  PG.  400 words.  (March 2010)

Summers Cooking Adventures - Buffy, Dawn and Spike prepare for a Christmas feast.  Buffy/Spike, Dawn.  PG.  800 words.  (December 2009)

Sharp Edges - Buffy and Spike are consumed by hunger. Buffy/Spike. NC-17. 269 words. (September 2009)

The Case of the Disappearing Hats - Buffy helps Willow get rid of all the bad influences lurking in their house. Buffy, Willow. Post-Gone. G. 688 words. (June 2009)

The Eve of a Good Day - Spike and his 'friends' get together to celebrate his good fortune. Spike, Angel, Riley, Xander, Connor, Giles. Post-Not Fade Away. G. 968 words. (September 2009)

The Forbiddenest of Loves - Andrew must confront Spike's desperate attraction, but how to let him down gently without breaking the vampire's heart? Andrew, Spike. Post-Empty Places. PG-13. 638 words. (June 2009)

The Inevitable Conclusion - Spike wants to spar and test himself against the might of the Slayer, but Buffy has other ideas. Buffy/Spike. Post-Not Fade Away. R. 330 words. (September 2009)

The Light of Dreaming - She felt a warmth suffuse her being and she knew.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Chosen.  PG.  800 words.  (January 2010)

The Warmth Inside - Nothing like the holiday cheer to put Buffy in the mood for romance--a mood Spike's more than happy to foster.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Not Fade Away.  PG.  200 words.  (December 2009)

To Be Born Again - Buffy has been brought back from the dead twice already, but the third time's the charm.  Buffy/Spike.  Post-Not Fade Away.  Babyfic.  PG.  500 words.  (November 2009)

Turning Tragic - "Things fall apart, the center cannot hold."  Faith, Buffy.  Season 3, post-Bad Girls.  PG-13.  260.  (November 2009)

Unqualified Applicant Need Not Apply - Sarah is just your average girl. OC.  PG-13.  630 words.  (May 2010)

Warrior's Might - Buffy lives in a castle now. How? What? How? Buffy, ensemble. Post-Chosen, Pre-Season 8. PG-13. 610 words. (September 2009)

Why Not - Willow discovers a spell that will magically heal Xander's eye.  Post-Chosen, Pre-Season 8.  PG.  800 words. (January 2010)

Wishes - "She bites her lip and imagines sucking on his pretty wounds." Buffy/Spike. Post-Dead Things. R. 200 words. (July 2009)

Drabbles (Exactly 100 words)

Amara's Angle - A closer look at Amara's motivation in "Sad Song in His Heart." OC. Post-Damage. G. (June 2009)

Beneath Your Surface - A poetic exploration of stormwreath's "Spuffy is a submarine" proposal. Buffy/Spike. G. (June 2009)

Boys Will Be Boys - Jayne's reluctant to share something with Mal.  Jayne Cobb, Malcolm Reynolds.  Firefly/Serenity.  PG.  (November 2009)

Buffy + Laundry = Unmixy - A moment of domestic bliss between sisters. Buffy, Dawn. Post-Time of Your Life. G. (April 2009)

Came Back Wrong - Buffy came back wrong in a whole 'nother way.  Buffy/Spike.  Smashed AU.  PG-13.  Genderswap.  (January 2010)

Do Me No Good - Lorne remembers Darla. Lorne, Darla. Post-Lullaby. G. (April 2009)

Dream Lover - Willow's dreaming in anticipation of her first time. Willow, other. Post-Choices. R. (May 2009)

Her Affections - Darla and Angel are up to no good.  Darla, Angel.  1750s.  R.  (November 2009)

I Wear, Therefore I Am - Buffy drabble in response to prompt: Signature.  PG.  (January 2010)

Just a Taste - Spike's trigger leads to awkward and unintended intimacy. Spike, Willow, Buffy. Post-Showtime. PG-13. (April 2009)

Lost in the Moment - Buffy discovers Spike is back amongst the unliving at an inopportune moment. Buffy/Spike. Post-Not Fade Away. R. (June 2009)

No Remains Save Hope - Buffy and Spike meet at Angel's grave.  Buffy, Spike.  Post-Not Fade Away.  G.  (November 2009)

No Words - How do mortal enemies forced to fight on the same side deal with each other?  Spike, Robin Wood.  Late-Season 7.  PG.  (November 2009)

Office Politics - Tamika's plotting to take Harmony down, but she's in for a surprise. Harmony/Other. Set during Harm's Way. R. (April 2009)

Out of the Woods, Into the Jungle - In the wartorn field, Riley finds a new reason for living. Riley/Sam. Post-Into the Woods. G. (April 2009)

Prophetic Wagers - Free time in a demon's hands leads to mischief. Sahjahn. G. (May 2009)

Psych 101 Me - Choices made in freshman year of college may come back to bite you in the ass. Holden Webster. G. (April 2009)

Risk Avoidance - Buffy is reluctant to celebrate her birthday. Buffy, Scoobies. G. (July 2009)

She Falls For It Every Time - Angel thinks it's time he and the Slayer's little sis got to know each other.  Her being bait only sweetens the deal.  Angel, Dawn, Buffy.  Becoming Part One AU.  PG.  (November 2009)

Something New - Blindfolded hijinks. Buffy/Spike. Post-Not Fade Away. G. (May 2009)

That Thing You Do - In bed, don't ask the question if you don't want to know the answer. Buffy/Spike, mentions Buffy/other. Post-Wolves at the Gate. R. (April 2009)

The 30,000 on the Left - Buffy and Spike face off against impossible odds. Buffy/Spike. Post-Not Fade Away. PG-13. (July 2009)

The Heart Wants - A sweet moment to contemplate what might have been. Cordy/Doyle. During I Will Remember You. G. (April 2009)

Top Dog - A Summer Fellowship brings together two unlikely partners. Lindsey/Riley. PG. (April 2009)

Unexpected Connection - Only the nicest demon in Sunnydale can deal with a distraught teenager. Dawn, Clem. During Older and Far Away. G. (April 2009)


Be Mine - What could motivate the dolls to sacrifice their identity and free will? Dollhouse. G.  185 words.  (February 2009)

Fire Back - "Great love is wild and passionate. It burns and consumes." Buffy/Spike. G.  114 words.  (May 2009)

Graduation Day - Angel leaves and takes a part of Buffy with him. Buffy/Angel. G.  145 words.  (January 2009)

Other Fandoms

[Castle]  Brouha at the Roosevelt - Castle is on his way to the Hamptons when he gets an urgent call.  Post- Season 2 finale A Deadly Game.  Castle/Beckett.  PG-13.  500 words.  (May 2010)

[Community]  Journalism Ethics - Rainy days are the best time for telling tales.  Post-Communication Studies.  PG-13.  3,500 words. (March 2010)

[T:SCC]  The Context of Affection - Cameron is a puzzle John can't solve.  John/Cameron.  PG.  350 words.  (March 2010)
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  • I won things?

    I'm actually still a bit stunned by it all, as well as deeply humbled to be in the company of writers who I respect and envy. *mad…

  • fic: in the absence of john

    {title} In the Absence of John {fandom} Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles {pairing} John/Cameron {rating} pg {word count} 300 {a/n}…

  • fic: angel face

    [ title] Angel Face [ fandom] Supernatural [ character] Anna Milton (and Dean Winchester) [ word count] 100 [ a/n] Inspired by this beautiful…