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So I've been resisting this meme for a few reasons.  One, I feel like I don't have as much fic out there as the other people who are doing this.  Two, I've been behind on my "Thought You Should Know" update so it felt wrong to talk about writing fic when I actually needed to be writing fic.  And three, a part of me wonders if anyone even wants a commentary of my fics.  The only one of my fics that practically begs for commentary is "Sad Song in His Heart" because the 'villain' of the piece is a huge meta commentary for the fandom on multiple levels and the story itself is so mind-bendy that I can see how a commentary would be interesting. 

But I'm caught up on my fic updates (yay!) and so I thought I'd make the offer to anyone who'd like a commentary of my fic, please ask. :)

Tags: writing

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