Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Fic Rec?

Anybody know of a Spuffy fic starting off in Life Serial that maybe features the drunk motorcycle ride or just general Buffy and Spike drunken awesomeness around that episode (or any episode - why is drunk!Buffy so hilarious)? 

In conclusion, I <3 drunk!Buffy.

ETA the recs so far:

Quick Recovery by confusedkayt 
Cumulari by constance_b 
Demon Drink by Kalima
The Slow Slip into Wonderful Nothing by deird1 
Just the Once by st_salieri 
That Other Kiss by stormwreath 

And here's a drunk!Willow:

Problematic Drinks of Badness by deird1 

Tags: fic, rec
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