Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Pretty Banner!

Okay, I simply must stop coming up with ideas for banners that amyxaphania  then so graciously makes for me. But oh, oh they're so pretty! Here's another one made this time for my seasonal_spuffy entry from this spring, Sad Song in His Heart. If you're familiar with the story, I hope you'll recognize certain aspects.


I picked out the screencaps for this piece, which include one of the Buffybot from Intervention, one of Spike from Conversations with Dead People and then the last two of Sarah Michelle Gellar.  The one on the far right is her at an event in Rome which I thought was very appropriate.  The other is from her Maxim photoshoot which symbolically works for me because Buffy bares all in the story.

Tags: art, sad song in his heart

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